General Setup

  • Powering Up
    Powering the unit will require a decent power supply. The kits we supply will come with either an Apple 12W supply or an Anker. If you use the included ON/OFF switch you can't use the included USB C to USB C cable. You must use a USB A to C because the switch doesn't have a signal wire for proper charge rate. A USB C to USB C cable can be connected directly to the Pi.

    GPS Connection
    The included antenna is a BU-353S4. It can be plugged into any of the Pi USB ports. After launching the software there is a menu for connecting the antenna. You will typically need to select the "Prolific" device the first time you use the software. This has already been done if this you have purchased an assembled device. If you end up plugging in other USB devices you may need to select the antenna again because the device paths could have possibly been changed.

    Why "Prolific"? This is the USB to Serial driver used by the GPS antenna.

    Where is the keyboard?

    If you are using 1.0. (1.1 coming out Jan. 1) you will need to use the system matchbox on screen keyboard. You go to the Pi icon --> Accessories --> Keyboard. You can use this to connect to Wifi, enter implement width, etc.

    1.1 will have a screen in the app for the field name and width. You will still need the matchbox keyboard for WIFI connection.

    Launching the software
    On the Pi desktop are two executables. The icons launch with a double tap. There is one for the software and another for an update script. A major version release is slated for Jan. 1, 2021 so you can run the update script to get that. The update script compiles and builds the program. This can take around an hour so if you see the terminal screen up for a while do not panic.

    For assistance troubleshooting feel free to post to this thread or send me a message at

  • 1.1 is here.

    -Pause/Resume & Save feature is mostly working
    -On screen keyboard for field name and width setup for Gitlab Runners, compiled builds will be available here

    Bug Fixes:
    *Serial Device is remembered between sessions
    *Width Calculation for implement width has been redefined as the actual width in feet of the implement instead of the distance left or right of the antenna.

    TODO: Check for memory and performance issues. Polygon drawing appears to be demanding.

    You can double touch/click the updates icon on the Pi desktop to pull from the master and update your unit. Usually takes about an hour. Or if you are the DIY person the npm run electron command will get you started much sooner:

    git clone
    cd openfsgps
    npm install
    //sync up the serial version
    npm run rebuild
    //build the react project
    npm run build
    npm run electron

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