Tools needed. General build instructions.

  • The open source repository can be found at:

    Naturally you will need Git.

    NodeJS can be found at:
    You will also need the node package manager. (npm)

    Take a second to update your node setup:

    npm cache clean -f
    //may need sudo depending on how you setup global package location
    npm install -g n
    n stable

    Next clone, install, and build the project with.

    git clone
    cd openfsgps
    npm install
    //the rebuild script in package.json file syncs up the electron nodejs versions.
    npm run rebuild
    npm run build

    To start in development mode you can run npm run electron

    To build for deployment you will need to install an electron packager globally such as electron-packager. (npm install -g electron packager) May need sudo depending on how you have your global packages configured.

    //pi etc 32 bit ARM
    electron-packager . FSGPS --platform=linux --arch=armv7l --overwrite
    electron-packager . FSGPS --platform=darwin --arch=x64

    More options

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