1.1 is here. -Pause/Resume & Save feature is mostly working -On screen keyboard for field name and width -updates.plantermonitor.com setup for Gitlab Runners, compiled builds will be available here Bug Fixes: *Serial Device is remembered between sessions *Width Calculation for implement width has been redefined as the actual width in feet of the implement instead of the distance left or right of the antenna. TODO: Check for memory and performance issues. Polygon drawing appears to be demanding. You can double touch/click the updates icon on the Pi desktop to pull from the master and update your unit. Usually takes about an hour. Or if you are the DIY person the npm run electron command will get you started much sooner: git clone https://gitlab.com/johnsonjp34/openfsgps.git cd openfsgps npm install //sync up the serial version npm run rebuild //build the react project npm run build npm run electron